Online Brainstorming

Using Technology to Harness Your Team's Ideas

Online Brainstorming - Using Technology to Harness Your Team's Ideas

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There are many online tools and apps that your team can use to net ideas

Many managers lead partly or fully virtual teams. Team members may be physically present only a few days each week, or they may be entirely virtual – living in distant cities, other countries, or completely different time zones.

With teams like these, how can you run effective brainstorming sessions? This is a question that virtual team managers need to answer. And it's why many are turning to the concept of online brainstorming.

In this article, we'll look at how you can use online services to help your team share and discuss their ideas.

What Is Online Brainstorming?

Online brainstorming, also known as "electronic brainstorming" or "brain netting", is a term used to describe techniques that use the internet to share and develop ideas.

There are many tools and services that you can use for online brainstorming. They vary in approach and complexity, but they have one thing in common: ...

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