How to Deliver On-the-Spot Feedback

Improving Performance in Real Time

How to Deliver On-the-Spot Feedback - Improving Performance in Real Time

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Use on-the-spot feedback to get people back on track quickly when things go wrong.

"Thanks Janel, for that excellent demo. It was really clear and well presented. My only suggestion would be to start with some background information the next time, before you get on to the nitty-gritty."

Janel knew she should have added more context to the product demonstration. She thanked her boss, Harvey, for his feedback, and made a note to amend her presentation.

When she delivered the new presentation to her next client, she got a much better response. The audience seemed more engaged and interested, and it had an excellent grasp of the product by the end of the session.

Harvey's on-the-spot feedback had proved valuable. If he had waited until their next one-on-one or performance review to bring it up, it may have been too late for Janel to put it into practice, and she may have missed some vital sales opportunities.

In this article, we look at what on-the-spot feedback is, and how and when to deliver it successfully.

What Is On-the-Spot Feedback?

When you deliver feedback on the spot, you let people know how they are performing in real time. So, instead of saving up feedback for a one-on-one or a performance review, you deliver it at the first available opportunity.


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