The Nine-Box Grid for Talent Management

Assessing Team Member Performance and Potential

(Also known as the Performance and Potential Matrix)

Identify your team members' individual talents and find out how best to support their careers.

People in your team may have a wide range of abilities.

For instance, some may be outstanding performers: they're definitely the "stars" of your organization. Or you might have people who could be star performers, if they had the right opportunities and training.

As a manager, you need to assess talent within your team. That way, you can give your people the training and development they need to reach their full potential. However, it can be a real challenge to evaluate talent objectively, which is why a tool like "the Nine-Box Grid for Talent Management" is so useful.

In this article we'll examine the Nine-Box Grid model, and discuss how to use it to develop your people.

About the Tool

The Nine-Box Grid for Talent Management (also known as the Performance and Potential Matrix), gives you a useful framework for evaluating your team members' talent.

Shown in figure 1, the X axis measures performance, while the Y axis measures potential....

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