Coaching Through Change

Helping People Embrace Change

Coaching Through Change - Helping People Embrace Change

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Fabrizio Zanier

With coaching, your people can learn to welcome change.

Change is ongoing.

The world is changing fast, and no successful organization can stand still for long. New products, new services, and new ways of working mean that many of us are continually learning new skills, and adapting to changes in the workplace.

One of the key measures of success in change management is that you've managed to get support from all of the people affected by a change. With this support, you can implement changes smoothly, and with less disruption.

But, despite the effort of managers and senior executives, getting support for change can be difficult. Many people will feel that change is happening to them, rather than feeling that they are a valuable part of the future of the organization. And people who benefit from the status quo – for example, expert users of legacy systems – will quite rightly recognize that they may lose out as a result of the change.

How Coaching Can Help

Coaching people through change takes time and patience, but it can really pay off in the long run. Coaching can:...

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