Performance Planning

Planning to Manage Performance Stress

Performance Planning - Planning Ahead to Reduce Performance Stress

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Get in the zone before your next performance.

We all know the feeling of sickness in our stomach before an important presentation or performance.

We have all experienced the sweaty palms, the raised heart rate, and the sense of agitation that we feel as these events approach. We have probably all also experienced how much worse this becomes when things go wrong in the run up to an event.

This article helps you deal with this by helping you to prepare well for future performances.

The Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking and Positive Thinking technique may be enough to help you manage the fears, anxieties and negative thoughts that may arise in a small performance.

For larger events, it is worth preparing a Performance Plan. This is a pre-prepared plan that helps you to deal effectively with any problems or distractions that may occur, and perform in a positive and focused frame of mind.

Using the Tool

To prepare your Performance Plan, begin by making a list all of the steps that you need to do from getting prepared for a performance through to its conclusion.

Start far enough in advance to sort out any equipment problems. List all of the physical and mental steps that you need to take to:...

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