The RACI Matrix

Structuring Accountabilities For Maximum Efficiency and Results

Related variants: ARCI, RASCI, RASIC, RACI-V and CAIRO

The RACI Matrix - Structuring Accountabilities For Maximum Efficiency and Results

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Clarify team members' responsibilities so that people know where they stand.

Teamwork is often seen as an effective way to accomplish work goals. And there is no doubt that when teams work well together the results can be impressive. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and all too common: teams that fail to work well can also fail to deliver the desired results.

When several people work on a project it is easy to assume that someone else is taking care of a particular detail or assignment. It is also easy to point fingers and assign blame when one of those jobs is done poorly or not done at all.

Many factors can contribute to the underperformance of a team, but unless responsibilities and accountabilities are clear, there can be a significant risk that problems will arise. With complex, time-sensitive or mission-critical projects, or in situations where people are ducking responsibility, it's often worth taking the time to think through the roles that you and your team members must play in every task that your team undertakes.

Without this clarity, you will most-likely find gaps, duplication and confusion. Teamwork will be frustrating, inefficient and you are less likely to deliver good results. In these situations, the delegation of tasks and other responsibilities can be too important to leave to chance.

The RACI Matrix is a system that brings structure and clarity to assigning the roles people play within a team. It is a simple grid system that you can use to clarify people's responsibilities and ensure that everything the team needs to do is taken care of.

RACI explained

The acronym RACI stands for:...

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