Project Charters

Getting Your Project Off to a Good Start

Project Charters - Getting Your Project Off to a Good Start

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You can use a Project Charter in discussions with your team, and other stakeholders.

You've just been appointed project manager for a new project.

Senior managers have already signed off the project's business case, and you're busy recruiting your full-time project team. You're also identifying a wider group of people in your organization from whom you'll need to get support for certain project tasks. Some of these people have already been involved in developing the business case, and some are completely new to the project.

As project manager, you'll often need to implement a business case that's already been approved. You'll have team members who have had different levels of involvement in the project so far. The problem is that some of these people may have different views of the project's goals, particularly if the project has been planned over a long period of time.

So, how can you get your team working in a positive and productive manner, and how can you make sure that everyone understands the goals of the project?

This where a Project Charter can help. In this article, we'll review the reasons you might use a Project Charter, and look at the main things that you'll need to include in one.

Why Use Project Charters?

Project Charters outline ...

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