The BALM Task Allocation Model

Picking the Right Team Member for the Right Job

The BALM Task Allocation Model - Picking the Right Team Member for the Right Job

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Match your team members' tasks to their key skills.

Let's say that you want to coach a world-class sports team. To be successful, you have to understand the game you're playing and the skills that your team needs to play it.

Then, you assign the the right people to the right roles, depending on their abilities and experience. In football, for example, you wouldn't suddenly ask a defensive player to play offense. It's just not what they're trained for.

You can apply the same principle in the workplace. In this article, we explore how a simple model called BALM can enable you to put the best players in the best positions, to get the best possible results.

What Is the BALM Model?

BALM* is a four-stage process that you can use to allocate tasks to the team members who are best placed to complete them successfully. The acronym stands for:

Break down broad team goals into specific, individual tasks.

Analyze the competencies required to perform each task.

List the competencies of each of your team members.

Match individuals to task competencies.

Using this model gives you and your team clarity about what you need to achieve and how you intend to do it.

How to Use the BALM Model


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