Practical Innovation

Encouraging and Managing Curiosity


Have you ever considered whether your team or organization could act or think differently? Or, are you and your people stuck in a rut, doing things the way that they've always been done?

If so, you might need to stimulate innovation. And you can do this with an injection of curiosity, balanced by some rigorous new systems and processes.

Many people think of innovation as the sole preserve of their organization's research and development department. But everyone, whatever their role, can participate in the process of making something new and valuable.

This article and video below look at practical steps that you can take to create and support a culture of innovation, through disciplined curiosity.

Create a culture of innovation in your organization.

Why Innovation and Curiosity Matter

Look at some of the most influential businesses around today, such as Google™ or Twitter™ – they drive ahead, securing new and growing markets through constant innovation. And this high-energy, ideas-driven approach isn't limited to the technology sector. Innovation is key to the success of all sorts of organizations.

Innovation isn't limited to your end product or service, either. It can mean developing better or more effective ways of working that allow your people to excel in their roles – and that can lead to a better product or service for your customers.

Successful business leaders make it a priority to be groundbreaking, creative, and curious, and to act on what they discover. Equally, your star team players are likely looking for opportunities to improve their skills, to show initiative, and to share their positive energy with the group.

The benefits of curiosity can include:


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