Turn Your Idea Into Reality

Getting Good Ideas Off the Drawing Board

How many times have you thought of a really fantastic idea? Maybe it was something that would revolutionize the way your office operates. Or perhaps it was a great product that would appeal to millions of people worldwide.

Most of us have been in this situation at least once, and we'll probably have to admit that this great idea never became a reality. Sure, it was creative – and it could be done. But we never acted on it. Why? Why do we think of ideas that we know are good, only to let them sit in the back of our minds – without doing anything about them?

One reason is that putting an idea into practice can seem like a huge amount of work. Even if it's a small idea, most of us see nothing but potential obstacles when we imagine taking action. We assume we've lost the election before we've even started the campaign! Another reason can be fear – fear of moving out of our current, comfortable space.

Learn simple steps for turning your dreams into reality.

In this article, we'll detail steps and tips for turning your ideas into reality.

Implementing Your Ideas

OK, so you've got the idea. Now what?

Step One: Define Who Will Be Affected by Your Idea

Imagine that your great idea is a process that will cut your company's month-end reporting time in half. ...

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