Managing Your Boss

Developing an Effective Working Relationship

Managing Your Boss - Developing an Effective Working Relationship

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Learn how to work in harmony with your boss.

We all want to work for someone who's confident, supportive and respectful, all of the time.

But even the most dedicated bosses can have their weaknesses. They may lack experience, or have trouble juggling competing demands. They may seem unappreciative or overly demanding, or be absent when you need them. Or perhaps you just don't "get along."

Yet a good relationship with your boss is key to a happy work life, to the success of your team, and to making progress in your career. So what can you do to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

In this article, we lead you through the steps that you can take to make your relationship with your boss more productive, and to create an alliance that benefits both of you.


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