Promotion Selection Panels

Creating a Great Impression for Everyone

Promotion Selection Panels - Creating a Great Impression for Everyone

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Selection panels give you a great opportunity to flourish in front of others.

You've wanted this promotion for a while, and you've now been invited to interview for the role of your dreams. There's just one catch – you're not going to be facing one interviewer, you'll be facing four. All at the same time!

If visions of being put in front of a firing squad leap into your mind, you're not alone! Known as a panel interview, these three, four, even six or seven-on-one situations strike a high level of fear in most interviewees. And you may experience them in a number of situations, including going for promotion when several candidates want the job, and changing to a new role within your organization.

Whatever the reason, it's not the most reassuring feeling to know you will be facing a variety of different people, all of with different interests and different ways of evaluating you! However, if you approach a panel interview with the attitude that you have an opportunity to impress a whole bunch of people rather than just one, suddenly the prospect doesn't seem as daunting.

Done well, panel interviews are actually a great way to prove how well you fit the position, and gather more support for your candidacy. These are compelling reasons to want to learn more about panel interviewing, and how to prepare for them effectively.

Why Organizations Use Panel Interviews

Panel interviews are also becoming the interviewing method of choice, because they improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the selection process. There are several reasons for this....

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