Working for a Small Business

Understanding the Pros and Cons

Working for a Small Business - Understanding the Pros and Cons

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You often have more opportunity to get stuck in and see the impact of your hard work at a smaller company.

When was the last time you talked with your company's CEO about how the business is really doing? When did you last have direct input on the company's goals, or spend your workday doing several different jobs instead of just one?

If you work for a small business, then you might answer "very recently" to all three of these questions. If you work for a larger corporation, however, perhaps you've never been able to do any of these things.

There's little doubt that the working environment of a small business can be completely different from that of a large company. Some people find smaller companies exciting places to work, while others would much rather have a job with a more stable, established corporation.

In this article, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of working for a small business. Of course, each person may see these factors differently – one person's "pro" may be another person's "con." But, if you've ever considered a move outside the corporate world, this may help you decide if working for a smaller company is right for you.

Advantages of Working for a Small Business

You may have heard stories of how fun it can be to work for an innovative startup company. Bringing your pet to work, dressing casually, and choosing "fun" furniture for the office are just some of the bonuses, right? Actually, yes! Not every small business will allow your dog to sit by your desk, or encourage you to sit on multi-colored beanbags, but there are other advantages to working for a smaller organization. Here are some of the typical benefits:...

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