How Do You "Add Value" at Work?

Making Yourself Indispensable to Your Organization

What's the purpose of your job?

Most likely, you were hired to help your organization to achieve its goals. And, for most of us, this means making money. Even organizations that measure success in different ways, such as nonprofits and government departments, have to balance the books.

But focusing on the "bottom line" is by no means the only way to add value to your role. Showing initiative and demonstrating problem-solving skills, efficiency and adaptability, for example, can make you a prized asset to your company.

Raising your brand's profile is just one way you can "add value" at work.

In this article, we look at three approaches that you can use to add value to your role – and to make yourself indispensable in the process!

Why Adding Value Matters

From your organization's perspective, employees who add value are key to remaining competitive, agile and innovative. Their engagement and commitment energize the business and enable it to thrive.

But, on a personal level, if you already do your job well, why should you look for ways to do more?


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