The Hogan Development Survey

Identifying Career Derailing Behaviors

The Hogan Development Survey - Identifying Career Derailing Behaviors

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Do you have personality traits that could damage workplace relationships?

Your relationships at work are critical to your career success, whether you're a leader trying to build an effective team, or a team member who wants to produce great results.

Some of our behaviors help us to get along with people, while others can damage relationships and undermine our careers – but we might not be aware of what's happening and why.

Harmful behaviors tend to appear when we're not "self-monitoring" or when we let our guard down. This can happen when we're stressed, bored, tired, or distracted. Further, a trait that's usually acceptable – even creditable – can become negative in more extreme situations.

For instance, a person who is naturally cautious can be an asset to the team when there's time to consider options carefully before making a decision. Under pressure, however, that caution can quickly turn into indecisiveness and delay, allowing problems to escalate that could otherwise be "nipped in the bud."

So, how can we uncover and neutralize the potentially harmful elements of our personality? The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) was designed to do this.


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