Mentoring Agreements and Coaching Plans

Establishing Ground Rules for a Successful Partnership

Mentoring Agreements and Coaching Plans

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Use mentoring and coaching to help your team members to grow and flourish.

Mac is struggling. He's three months into his mentoring program with Jenna, a senior VP in marketing, but he still isn't clear about what progress he has made. What's more, his goals are shifting with every session. He also feels that Jenna sees the process as a waste of her time.

The two things that Mac needs above all else are a mentoring agreement and a coaching plan.

Finding a mentor who can make a difference to your career isn't as simple as approaching a colleague and asking for help. To be effective, a mentoring relationship needs to be properly structured, so that both the mentor and you, the mentee (the person receiving mentoring), understand the requirements of the process.

In this article, we explore how you can set the ground rules for effective mentoring, and how to put a goal-centered coaching plan into effect.


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