Managing Conferences and Events

Planning Successful Events

Managing Conferences and Events - Planning Successful Events

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Learn how to plan and manage a conference or event effectively.

Today, we can communicate directly with customers, suppliers, and industry experts using platforms like Twitter®, Facebook®, and LinkedIn®; and we can talk and share information using VoIP and webinars.

With options like these at our fingertips, why should we go to the effort and expense of hosting a customer event or conference?

Live events might seem old-fashioned in an increasingly-virtual world. However, they can still provide a powerful and effective way to improve customer relationships, build loyalty, strengthen your reputation, and create a buzz around your products or services.

In this article, we'll look at the benefits of hosting a customer event or conference. We'll also look at a step-by-step approach that you can use to plan and deliver a successful event.

The Benefits of Live Events

Face-to-face events provide an excellent way of fostering personal relationships with customers and suppliers.

Well-organized events can strengthen your brand and build loyalty, increase sales, and generate referrals. They also give you the opportunity to connect personally with customers or suppliers, and build community awareness.

These events can also help you network with customers or industry experts, work on your own professional development, and share ideas; plus, the unplanned connections you make can lead to innovation, opportunities, and important partnerships.


In some countries or regions, hosting an event may be seen as bribery, particularly if it seems extravagant – take care with this. Also, ensure that any gifts you hand out during the event are appropriate, and that they won’t violate anti-bribery laws in your own or your clients' state, country, or region.

Types of Events

When you plan an event, it's important to be imaginative. Events and conferences can be educational, with public speakers and classes; or fun, such as an outdoor cookout for customers, suppliers, and employees. ...

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