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An Emotional Performance

September 29, 2014

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JackieBarretta-2aDo you try to leave your emotions at the door when you go to work?

You may squirm when people express their feelings openly, but, according to Jackie Barretta, author of “Primal Teams,” emotions are what connect and motivate people. Acknowledging them is a good way to harness their power, and can even transform your team into a high-performance engine.

The performance-boosting effects aren’t just limited to positive emotions, either. Negative emotions can be useful too.

Barretta gives the example of a time when she worked with a web design team in a large organization. When the team didn’t get the budget they wanted to develop a new website, one person, David, became openly upset.

Rather than ask him to control himself, however, Barretta welcomed the outburst as a sign of engagement. As she explains in this clip from our Expert Interview podcast, this was a sign of how much he cared about the project.

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Question: How do you deal with emotions in the workplace? Share your thoughts below!



One thought on “An Emotional Performance

  1. Rebel wrote:

    Humans are emotional beings…I’ve always thought it slightly unrealistic to expect employees to ‘leave their problems at home’. The person you employee is still a mother, brother, child, husband etc. – even while they are at work. I do try and teach and help employees though to learn to control their emotions instead of allowing emotions to control them.

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