10 Ways to Become a Star Team Player

Learning to Excel in a Team


Martina works in a distribution team for a national electronics supplier. She's dedicated to the organization, supports her colleagues, and always contributes to meetings. She knows that she's a good team player, but she also feels like she could do more to make the team successful, while developing her skills and using her strengths.

So, Martina takes a proactive approach and follows a few simple steps to boost her performance within the team. She tries to set a positive example for others, aims to hold people accountable, and works hard to be humble and willing to improve her skills. By doing this, she changes from a "good" team member to a "star" one, and everyone, including her, experiences the benefits.

Many people believe that successful organizations need inspirational leaders to thrive, but they also need highly effective team members like Martina. So, what qualities make a team member exceptional, and how can you develop them yourself?

In this article, we'll look at 10 top tips for becoming a star team player.

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What Is a Star Team Player?

Highly effective team members aren't necessarily the most outgoing or extroverted people in the group. However, they are committed and engaged, and they work well with their colleagues, toward team goals that meet organizational objectives. They encourage and support their fellow team members, listen to other people's points of view, respect differences, and take responsibility for their own actions and mistakes....

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