Creating a Healthy Workplace

Maximizing Team Happiness and Productivity

Creating a Healthy Workplace - Maximizing Team Happiness and Productivity

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Santhosh Kumar

Bright, energising colours help make a workplace healthy.

Better productivity, reduced absenteeism, and increased morale – these are just some of the benefits of creating a healthier workplace.

However, creating a healthy work environment is easier said than done. What actually makes a healthy workplace? And do you need to think about more than just your work surroundings?

In this article we'll define what a healthy workplace is, and we'll look at its benefits for you, your team, and your organization. We'll also explore practical and inexpensive strategies that you can use to transform your team's working environment.

What Is a "Healthy Workplace"?

S. Lim and L. R. Murphy (1999), leading experts in the field of occupational health, defines a healthy workplace as "one whose culture, climate and organizational practices create an environment which promotes employees' mental and physical health, as well as productivity and organizational effectiveness." As such, creating a healthy workplace isn't just about safe, well maintained physical surroundings.

A healthy work environment has many benefits. For example, it can:

  • Increase morale and job satisfaction.
  • Boost performance and productivity.
  • Contribute to better employer-employee relationships.
  • Reduce absenteeism, sick days, and healthcare costs.

More than this, having a healthy workplace helps you attract potential recruits, and it helps you retain your best people.

What Makes a Healthy Workplace?

According to research, there are five main factors that contribute to workplace health. These are:

  1. The physical environment (including health and safety).
  2. Employee growth and development.
  3. Recognition.
  4. Employee involvement.
  5. Life balance.

If you want to make your own workplace healthier, you'll need to spend time working on each of these five areas.

1. The Physical Environment

Creating healthy and safe surroundings goes beyond obvious things like cleanliness and order; it includes creating an environment that promotes the mental health of your team, and takes into account their physical well-being too.

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