The GIVE Model

Building a Positive Personal Identity


Chris has a poor self image, and, when he looks in the mirror, he sees a disengaged, dissatisfied underachiever, whose career has stalled.

When others look at him, they see someone who seems to have little interest in his job and who saps the energy from his team. Their reactions reinforce his own negative feelings, and this creates a vicious circle.

However, Chris senses that things could be very different. Like most of us, he wants to feel good about himself, and enjoys the rare occasions when he's seen in a positive light. He knows that if he could just improve his self esteem and reputation, his performance would also improve.

By using the GIVE model, Chris could build a new, positive identity for himself, and transform the way that he works and how he's seen by others. This article explains the model, and how to use it.

The GIVE Model and How to Apply It

The GIVE (Growing, Integrated, Virtuous, Esteemed) model of building a positive identity was developed by organizational psychologists Jane Dutton, Laura Morgan Roberts, and Jeff Bednar, and published in the 2014 book, "How to Be a Positive Leader."

See the transcript for our video on the GIVE Model here.

It outlines the following four components of a positive workplace identity:


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