Escaping Micromanagement

Becoming More Independent


Imagine that you work in a classic autocratic organization, and your boss follows every little rule. They oversee each detail of every project and task – and seems to believe that you and the rest of the team are incapable of performing without their help at every step.

This, in turn, has created an oppressive and discouraging work environment. Productivity and morale are low, and many people have left to go to organizations that are less controlling and more empowering.

You like the work that you do, and you want to stay with the company. So how can you improve your situation? How can you get your boss – and perhaps your organization – to trust you more?

Working in a micromanaged environment isn't easy. In this article, we'll highlight the disadvantages of micromanagement, and we'll explore what you can do if your boss micromanages you.


Remember, some organizations require a micromanagement style – particularly if mistakes can cost a lot of money, or can threaten someone's life. If you believe this is true for your company, you can still use some of the strategies in this article, but be aware that your boss or organization may be unwilling to let go of control.

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Disadvantages of Micromanagement

There are several disadvantages to a micromanagement style of leadership:...

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