Engaging People in Learning

Creating Enthusiasm for Team Development

Engaging People in Learning - Creating Enthusiasm for Team Development

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Engage people in their own development.

Chris manages a group of skilled, productive, well-rounded professionals.

However, they spend almost no time developing their skills, and he's concerned that his organization could fall behind as a result.

When Chris offers his people training, they are indifferent at best. They say that they're just too busy right now, that they know all that they need to know, or that the training is just a time-wasting "box-ticking exercise." He also suspects that some are scared of being "shown up" as not having particular skills, or don't want the embarrassment of participating in role-playing or other exercises.

Ongoing learning and skills development are essential to your team members' success, but it can be a challenge to get them to take the first steps. So, how can you encourage your people to develop their skills? And how can you ensure that they do their best when they participate in learning activities, rather than just turning up because they must?

We'll answer these questions and more in this article. We'll explore the benefits of long-term learning and development, and we'll look at how to get your team excited and engaged in the learning process....

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