How to Be a More Engaging Speaker

Learning to Connect With Others One-on-One

Maria has just bumped into her organization's CEO, Arnav. She has an idea that could improve the company's image, and this is a great chance to make her proposal.

She asks politely for a few minutes of his time, then presents her pitch. Her eyes sparkle, her gestures demonstrate her enthusiasm and excitement, and she sells her idea with a compelling story. When she's finished, she gives him her full attention, listens to his questions intently, and provides short, thoughtful answers.

Their brief conversation impresses Arnav. Maria's idea is good but, more than that, the way that she communicates her excitement grabs his attention. He gives her positive feedback, and asks her to set up a meeting, so that they can discuss her idea further.

Storytelling techniques can improve your public speaking skills.

This scenario illustrates what can happen when you know how to engage people one-on-one. In this article, we'll look at several strategies you can use to become a more compelling speaker in face-to-face situations.

Why Is Engagement So Important?

Stop and think about the individuals you've spoken to in the past who grabbed your attention. Chances are, the conversation was dynamic and informative.

When you engage people, you spark their interest, connect with their hearts and minds, and immerse them in what you have to say. What's more, when it's their turn to speak, you give them your full attention. Showing people that you want to listen to them is a powerful way to build trust.

The ability to engage someone has many benefits. It allows you to communicate more effectively during meetings, negotiations or job interviews, and it can also make it easier to persuade someone to see your point of view. Finally, it can enhance your reputation and open doors in your career.

How to Be a More Engaging Speaker

You can use the techniques below to become a more engaging speaker:...

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