Creating an Energizing Work Environment

Providing an Inspiring Place to Work


Bryan has just arrived at work, and he's pleased to be there. Not only does he love his job, but he also likes being at work, because it's an energizing, positive place to be.

The lighting is natural and bright, the layout encourages productive conversation and creative brainstorming, and his boss and colleagues are positive, helpful, and enjoyable to be around. Put simply, it feels good to be there.

Have you ever worked in an office like this? If so, then you already know what a dramatic difference this can make for you, and for the attitude of everyone that you work with.

In this article, we'll look at why it's worth making the effort to create an energized, positive work environment. We'll also examine what you can do to refresh your team's work space.

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Why Create an Energizing Work Environment?

When your work space is inviting, energizing, and fun, it's easy for people to bring their "hearts and souls" to work. They're more engaged, inspired, productive, and committed. And, because people want to be in the office, you'll experience less absenteeism and job turnover. It's a win-win for everyone.

An energized work environment doesn't solely depend on office layout and color. While the physical environment does have an impact, a number of other factors also affect energy levels. These factors include the quality of people's relationships, organizational culture, and leadership.

Creating an energizing work environment can benefit almost all groups of professionals, especially knowledge workers and those doing creative work. However, you may have to think about other considerations as well. For example, your organization might need to adhere to strict design or layout standards for safety or health reasons. If clients or customers come into your organization regularly, it's also important to consider their needs and expectations.

How to Energize Your Workplace

So how can you create and maintain an energizing work space?

Use the strategies and tips below to add energy and life to your work environment....

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