Effective Scrum Meetings

Keeping Your Team Members Coordinated and Energized

Effective Scrum Meetings - Keeping Your Team Members Coordinated and Energized

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Use the Scrum approach to bring your team together.

Does your team "run like a well-oiled machine," or do people struggle to work together effectively? If the latter is true, Scrum meetings could be just what you need to improve team communication, raise motivation levels, and increase efficiency.

Scrum meetings, also known as "stand up meetings," are widely used in software development as part of Agile Project Management. They help development teams respond rapidly to the changes in product requirements that often happen during the course of a project.

Teams use short, daily Scrum meetings to plan what they need to accomplish during that day to make progress toward their goal. Members listen to one another's plans, and offer help where appropriate. This increases collaboration between team members, raises their awareness of issues, and helps the team respond rapidly to change.

This article looks at how you can use Scrum meetings to help people work more effectively towards a common goal.

What Are Scrum Meetings?

"Scrum" refers to the method of restarting play in rugby football, after an infringement of the rules or when the ball goes out of play.

In this sport, the forward players from both teams form two rows facing one another, and then move together so that they are interlocked in a tight circle. The ball is then returned to play by passing it into the gap between the two teams, who compete for possession. The whole process is coordinated by the referee, who calls: "Crouch, bind, set." ...

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