Balancing Intuition With Logic

BRAIN, BRAN and BRAND - Balancing Intuition With Logic

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Sometimes, the best decision is to just do nothing.

Medical professionals commonly use this model to help them to make informed decisions about their patients' outcomes. So how can it help the rest of us in our business or personal lives?

In our scenario, Jeb listens as Jayla explains the deal that's on the table.

Together, they own a small, independent training company based in Minnesota, which they've built from scratch. Although the business has done OK financially, it's also had its ups and downs. Now, they've received a substantial offer from the state's biggest training provider – their long-term rival – to buy them out.

"It does sound generous," says Jeb, "But isn't there a danger that we'll disappear as a brand? That everything you and I have worked for, all we've built up, will disappear?"

"That's what I want you to work out," Jayla says.

Jeb can't even begin to comprehend how he's going to make this potentially life-altering decision. A tool known as BRAIN could be the answer to his problem.

In this article, we'll explore the meaning of BRAIN, and of its variants, BRAN and BRAND. We'll also examine how you can adapt it to any workplace, and assess its advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding BRAIN, BRAN and BRAND

BRAIN* and its variants BRAN and BRAND are decision-making tools used by midwives, nurses, doctors, and patients to help them to make careful and considered choices in non-emergency situations.


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