Dealing With Bossy Co-Workers

Managing Dominant People in the Workplace

Dealing With Bossy Co-Workers - Managing Dominant People in the Workplace

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Manage an over-domineering colleague by setting boundaries.

You've just arrived at your office and started on your first task of the day. Suddenly, your colleague Bill pops into your office, and you groan inwardly.

Bill is the most domineering co-worker in your department. He's given himself an "invisible promotion" and acts as if he's your boss. He's constantly telling you what to do, and giving you feedback on how you can improve. In short, he drives you crazy with his bossiness!

You definitely want to stop Bill from being so domineering, and you want him to start treating you as a colleague instead of a subordinate. So, what should you do? And how do you handle this, without starting a workplace feud?

Most of us have had to work with an overly controlling colleague in the past. You might even be working with one right now! Bossy or domineering co-workers not only create additional stress and tension in the workplace, they also lower morale, reduce productivity, and increase employee turnover.

In this article, we'll look at how you can assert yourself with overly-dominant co-workers, and we'll discuss what you can do to defuse the situation....

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