Bain's RAPID® Framework

Assigning Roles to Avoid Stalemate

Bain's RAPID® Framework - Assigning Roles to Avoid Stalemate

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Caroline works in the marketing department of a major auto manufacturer. Her team has been using focus groups to identify the features customers want in their next generation of car. After extensive market research, the team has finalized its list of essentials.  

Unfortunately, Caroline's list is quite different from the one that the product development team has put together. 

Both groups believe that they have the authority to decide which features should be included in the new model, but they can't agree on what those features should be. They've spent so much time arguing over this that progress on the car has stalled.  

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Without a clear delineation of roles and power in a complex decision-making process, projects can be delayed, and your organization can miss out on all sorts of opportunities. 

Bain's RAPID® Framework streamlines decision making by designating an accountable person at each stage of the process. In this article, we'll explore how you can use it to take the potential for stalemate out of group decision-making activities....

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