How to Run an Accelerated Recruitment Drive

Successful Hiring on a Mass Scale

How to Run an Accelerated Recruitment Drive - Successfully Hiring on a Mass Scale

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Start your new members off on the same foot.

Recruitment can be tricky, even at the best of times. You have to consider many factors – for instance, are candidates suitably qualified? Do they have the knowledge, skills and attitude to do a great job? Will they fit in with the corporate culture? Are they truly interested in the role?

But imagine recruiting people into a number of different roles within your organization, all at the same time, while still maintaining the "quality" of those new hires. This process is known as "accelerated recruitment." In this article, we'll look at the unique challenges and opportunities that hiring managers face when planning these events.

What Is Accelerated Recruitment?

Accelerated recruitment is when you hire a number of new team members at the same time. It can happen at organizational level, for example, because a business is opening a new office or expanding into a new market, and needs to build teams at every level of seniority.

It can also happen when you're enlarging a department, and need to add several new members to an existing team, when you need to cope with seasonal changes in workload, or when you want to bring a lot of new graduates into your organization at the same time.

The Benefits and Challenges of Accelerated Recruitment

There are several benefits of recruiting a large number of people at the same time.

Building a team from the ground up means everyone starts fresh, energized and on the same page. You have an opportunity to create a positive corporate culture right from the beginning. And, the large number of applications you may receive can make it easier to find the right person for each role.

However, accelerated recruitment also presents a number of challenges....

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