The 5 E Learning Cycle

Guiding Active, Effective Learning

The 5 E Learning Cycle - Guiding Active, Effective Learning

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Mikhail Dudarev

Learn by exploring and understanding information in a way that suits you.

Think of a trainer who had a really positive impact on you.

He or she may have encouraged you to reflect on your own experience, draw lessons from it, and then extend these lessons into a whole new area.

Instead of simply being presented with the information you needed to learn, you explored it, and understood it on your own terms.

The 5 E Learning Cycle is a training framework that harnesses learners' curiosity in exactly this way. It encourages them to explore their own experience, and understand information in ways that resonate with them. As a result they can retain information – and apply it – more effectively.

In this article, we'll explore how you can use this tool to develop more effective learning experiences for members of your team.

About the 5 E Learning Cycle

The 5 E Learning Cycle, shown in figure 1, was first developed by Robert Karplus and his colleagues in the late 1960s. They based it on the work of Robert Piaget, a pioneer in student intelligence and learning....

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